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Tooth whitening is a simple procedure and a super way at getting a shade change quickly in the way your teeth look

Whitening can even mask irregularities and just generally make you feel better about your teeth.


At Bancroft, we pride ourselves in using only the best and safest methods to whiten your teeth professionally.


We use two types of Tooth Whitening – with different costs and intensity of result.

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Enlighten and Boutique Whitening

Both are forms of home tray whitening which we feel are the best and most effective systems for our patients and which achieve the most consistent results.

We will take impressions OR scans of your teeth and construct whitening trays that are custom made for you. We then show you how to insert a special whitening gel into the trays and explain how long you need to wear the trays for.


Generally average treatments are for 10-14 days with recommended repeats by yourself every few months. This allows you to maintain the level of whiteness you would like. Our gels release the whitening agent, hydrogen peroxide, in slightly different concentrations and your dental team will advise which of the two systems is more suitable for you.


For instance, if you are prone to sensitivity Enlighten may be a better system for you to use.


Ask your dentist today about having your teeth whitened!


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Dental hygiene care and gum treatments to ensure optimal dental health and the foundation for great dentistry.


Using the very best of technology and techniques including dental fillings and dental crowns to repair your teeth to their natural form and beauty.


When teeth are missing we can provide dental implants, bridges and dentures to suit you based on the best evidence in dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry, from teeth whitening to veneers using the most up to date treatments to enhance your smile.


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