An end to dental injections?


New research suggests an alternative to needles.

One of the most common fears that dental patients experience, is the fear of a dental injection.

It doesn’t matter that the needles we use are tiny in comparison to other healthcare areas, but our gums are extremely sensitive. At Bancroft Dentistry, we take great care when administering injections to minimise pain and there are a range of local anaesthetic gels that desensitise the gums before an injection, to make it as comfortable as we can.

You may have experienced the bubblegum flavoured one we use here at Bancroft Dentistry.

So, it was with interest that I read an article about a new study from the University of Sao Paulo who have been working on producing an anaesthetic by running an electrical current through a gel that sticks to the gums. Now you wouldn’t automatically think about using electricity in wet conditions, but science is moving us forward all the time.

The full article is here;

Needle-free anaesthesia

At Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin, Hertfordshire we provide the best dental care we can and that includes taking the time to listen to any fears that you may have. If you wish to book an appointment or just come in for a chat, please make that call today.

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