Another prestigious award at Bancroft Dentistry !

We are incredibly proud to announce that Juliette Reeves, one third of our dedicated hygienist team at Bancroft, has been chosen as the 2015 recipient of the Dr Gerald Leatherman Award.

It might not be a very well known award to the public, but to the dental profession it’s a really, really big thing. It is the only award, nominated and agreed upon by your peers, and reflects true dedication, professionalism and determination for the greater good of all the dental profession.

Dr Leatherman, a pioneer in the field of preventative dentistry in the UK, also had a leading role in the establishment of the first dental hygiene school in England. He was instrumental in promoting the recognition that dental hygienists are an integral member of the dental team. Something that we at Bancroft Dentistry whole heartedly agree with.

So, congratulations Juliette … Bancroft Dentistry’s very own Queen of Hygiene !

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