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In October 2014, during National Dental Hygiene month in the USA, an article was written in Medical News Today that gave an overview of the other health conditions that are linked with poor oral hygiene. Many people know that poor dental hygiene can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath but there are also some other less well known health conditions that poor oral health are linked with.

1) Alzheimers Disease – In 2010 researchers at New York University in the USA concluded there was a link between gum inflammation and Alzheimers disease. This conclusion was based upon a study of 20 years of data.

2) Pancreatic Cancer – Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health suggested a strong link between gum disease and Pancreatic Cancer in 2007. The link was with a very specific type of gum disease, Periodontitis.

3) Heart disease – This is a commonly known link these days. Researchers at the University of Bristol and The Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin found that people with bleeding gums increase their risk of Heart disease.

It makes you think …

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