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Dental Finance Plans

Affordable treatment with 0% interest-free and low-cost financed dental payment plans.

At Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin,we want to make high quality dental treatment accessible to as many people as possible.


If you’re considering investing in cosmetic, transformative, dentistry that may also include dental implant work, you may be interested in our service offering interest-free and low cost payment plans to fund your dental treatment.


Our dental financing plans offer you the opportunity to benefit from treatment of uncompromisingly high quality, while paying over an appropriate period.


Application is made as simple as possible in a confidential manner, do enquire for more information.

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How Dental Finance Works

Spreading the cost of your dental treatment over an easy payment plan.

  • You get the treatment that’s best suited to achieving your aspirations, not short term measures
  • You can spread the cost of that treatment over a suitable period
  • You benefit from interest-free and low-cost loans – often more affordable than credit cards or bank loans
  • It’s easy to apply and simple to repay by Direct Debit
  • Finance plans are provided by leading credit suppliers

Who can benefit?

Just about anyone over the age of 18. You don’t have to belong to a private dental plan. You don’t even have to be a regular visitor at this practice.


What can I use them for?

You can use the payment plans to pay for most dental work, but they’re particularly suited to more costly private treatments, such as dental implants, orthodontic, aesthetic or cosmetic work. If you’re not sure whether they’re right for your treatment, please ask your dentist.


How much can I borrow?

Dependent upon facility, you can typically borrow between £600 and £50,000. This will be subject to a credit application. Most patients’ applications are approved immediately, so you can go ahead and schedule treatment right away.


How do I make the repayments?

Much like any other loan facilities, you’ll make affordable monthly payments over an agreed term. These payments are collected by Direct Debit.


How much will I pay?

With our 0% facility you pay the cost of your dental treatment – as the ‘0%’ suggests, there’s no interest to pay. In terms of the low-cost facilities, we provide you with a quotation that shows the monthly payment and the total interest payable over the term of the loan. There are no hidden costs and no deposit is required.


What are the repayment terms?

Your dentist or designated members of the practice team will be able to go through the various terms with you and agree the most suitable repayment period.


How do I apply?

Once you’ve agreed on a course of treatment – and a cost – with your dentist, we will email your credit application to you. As soon as this has been approved and then processed, you’ll receive written confirmation from the credit provider.


Who is the credit provider?

We’re working with one of the most respected credit providers in the business. Ask our team for details.


What happens if my treatment costs more than planned for?

If you require treatment in addition to your original plan, your dentist will discuss this with you as soon as it becomes apparent. You can then choose to pay this directly to us, or to take out another agreement to cover the extra costs.


What happens if my treatment costs less than planned for?

Once the loan has been agreed, we cannot make changes to the amount borrowed, however you can always pay it off early, at no extra cost. Any remaining balance will be held on account as a credit amount.


How often can I use the facility?

You can apply for a payment plan for each course of treatment, subject to the usual credit application.


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