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Replacing Your Teeth in Hertfordshire

At Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin, we will do whatever it takes to save your tooth but sometimes we have to accept the inevitable and a tooth has to be lost. When that happens it is reassuring to know there are alternatives and that your dental team will discuss this through in full with you.

We are able to save many more teeth than we used to be able to, with better and easier access to root canal treatment (endodontics) and better treatment outcomes. However, despite advances in dental technology, we sometimes have to lose a tooth or teeth. We understand this can be quite traumatic and upsetting for some patients so we will discuss treatment options with you to help with these decisions.


You may already have a tooth missing or several teeth and be looking to have replacements, these options ahead are for discussion with your dental team following a full assessment of your current dental health.

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Dental Implants

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant is considered to be the closest likeness to a natural tooth possible. Like a natural tooth they also need regular maintenance and cleansing.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or can be used to support a dental bridge to replace several missing units. They can also be used to help locate and hold in position a full denture.


At Bancroft Dentistry we use only the highest quality dental implants to ensure great results. Together with our CBCT scanner technology we are able to achieve great results and success that will give you years of service from your dental implants.


A dental implant is a small rod, usually made of titanium, that is inserted into the bone of your jaw under local anaesthetic. The implant is then left under the gum for 3-4 months to fuse into the bone or “osseo-integrate”. After that time the implant is uncovered and then used just as we would a dental root to restore a bridge or as a crown.


Again we work closely with our dental technicians to plan and design a suitable structure  for the implant. Dental implants rely on the gum also growing around them and therefore they need gum care just as your natural teeth do, if not more. We generally recommend all our dental implant patients see our dental hygiene team regularly for reviews.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a permanent way to replace a missing tooth. That is, it can’t be removed by you and is fixed to your own teeth. It still needs to be maintained and cleaned in the same way you do your own teeth.

At Bancroft Dentistry we tend to use two types of bridges.


A fixed bridge

A Maryland or “Stick” on bridge


The first type is usually used when the teeth either side of the gap are already crowned and these are removed and incorporated into a construction that is made in the dental laboratory to replace all three units. A bridge may be larger than three units but it is generally constructed as one unit but appears as separate teeth.


The second type is an example of MID or Minimal Invasive Dentistry as we usually have minimal or no preparation of the tooth adjacent to the gap. The bridge is constructed with a wing that adheres with dental cement to the back surface of your tooth.


Your dentist will discuss with you the type of bridge that is suitable for your missing teeth and explain the full procedure. As with crowns, it takes two appointments to prepare and then to fit the bridges.


Dentures are a removable way of replacing missing teeth. You can remove the teeth for cleaning and usually sleeping in. They also help replace missing bone support.

There are several different types of denture, all constructed by our dental technicians in the dental laboratory. They can be made our of acrylic, cobalt chrome or a combination of two and we can also use a flexible material called Valplast. The type of denture you will require will depend on the number of missing teeth and the position of the missing teeth.


Dentures aren’t always the most popular method for replacing missing teeth but they are often used as an interim measure after an extraction if we are waiting for healing to complete. They are also incredibly useful when a patient has also lost a lot of bone support as well as teeth. A denture can help hold and support the facial tissues thus helping reduce the appearance of ageing.


Dentures can be made to be comfortable, firm and “click” into place giving confidence when chewing. talking and generally eating. They do need to be removed for cleaning and for most of our patients we do recommend you remove them whilst sleeping.


Dental health checks and assessments for all the family providing care plans for a future of great dental health.


Dental hygiene care and gum treatments to ensure optimal dental health and the foundation for great dentistry.


Using the very best of technology and techniques including dental fillings and dental crowns to repair your teeth to their natural form and beauty.


When teeth are missing we can provide dental implants, bridges and dentures to suit you based on the best evidence in dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry, from teeth whitening to veneers using the most up to date treatments to enhance your smile.


Spread the cost of your dental care with our Dental Care Plan which allows for monthly payments…


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