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Dental Hygiene in Hertfordshire

At Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin, we have a strong ethos of prevention and our dental hygienists work hard to deliver that message to all our patients. Direct Access means you can choose to book an appointment with our team of hygienists even if you have a dentist elsewhere.

Your dental hygienists will help you achieve the level of dental health you have always aspired to, with great fresh breath and clean bright smiles. They will deliver a personalised preventive plan just for you and demonstrate techniques for cleansing when required. Great dental health equals better general health and our team of dental hygienists help you on the road to improvement.

The Bancroft Way . . . putting patients first

Maintenance care

At Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin, we prioritize maintenance care, and our exceptional dental hygienists play a central role in this approach. With Direct Access appointments available, you can conveniently book with our hygienists, even if you already have a dentist elsewhere.

Our focus is on helping you maintain optimal oral health through regular visits and personalized maintenance plans. Our dental hygienists are committed to ensuring your dental health remains at its best. They will work closely with you to develop a tailored maintenance plan that addresses your unique needs and concerns. Through thorough cleanings, examinations, and preventive measures, we aim to prevent dental issues and keep your smile radiant and healthy.

Comprehensive care

At Bancroft Dentistry, our strong emphasis on prevention is led by our dedicated dental hygienists. We offer Direct Access appointments, allowing you to book directly with our hygienists even if you have a regular dentist elsewhere.

Our hygienists will work with you to create a personalized preventive plan, helping you achieve the dental health you aspire to, with fresh breath and bright smiles. During your appointment, they will also demonstrate proper cleansing techniques for maintaining oral hygiene at home. We firmly believe that good dental health contributes to better overall well-being, and our team is committed to guiding you on the path to improvement.

Periodontics (Gum Disease)

As we grow older, the structures that hold your teeth in place become far more important.

We are very fortunate to work with a very highly trained team of dental hygienists to keep your gums in excellent health BUT what were to happen if there has been some general recession OR some teeth had lost gum/bone support and had begun to loosen?

In Dr Fahd Saleh, we not only have an award-winning periodontist (a specialist of the gums and bone holding the teeth in place) but a deeply caring and skilled dentist who can talk you through proven plans and techniques to both keep your teeth firmly in place but also improve what you have.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that Fahd has treated many cases such as yours, successfully.

Fahd is our main dental implant lead dentist – he is a proponent of the ‘Teeth In A Day and All On 4’ concepts leading to life-changing smiles for his lucky patients.

Airflow Stain Removal

Effective and Professional Dental Stain Removal in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

At Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin, we choose to use the innovative Airflow® system to effectively remove staining from your teeth.

Expertly administered by our dental hygienists, the Airflow® spray technology uses a controlled stream of air, water, and fine powder particles to lift and remove stains without causing damage to your smile. Your tooth surface will be left clean, smooth and polished, helping to prevent future staining.

With Direct Access appointments available, you can conveniently book Airflow® dental stain removal with our hygienists, even if you already have a dentist elsewhere.

Direct Access

Direct Appointments in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, as a Patient Registered Elsewhere

We are pleased to offer Direct Access at Bancroft Dentistry, granting you the convenience of booking appointments with our skilled dental hygienists, regardless of having a regular dentist elsewhere.

This means you can receive direct care and personalised preventive plans tailored to your unique needs from our highly-skilled hygienists without additional referral steps.

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

Professional Teeth Cleaning and Preservation in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Bancroft Dentistry’s hygienists are experts in the use of Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT), an advanced protocol that has been coined “a true wellness experience”.

Combining its technology and prescribed techniques, we can gently and precisely remove dental biofilm, plaque, and stains. This comprehensive approach targets problem areas, reducing the risk of gum disease, cavities, and other oral issues.

With Direct Access appointments available, you can conveniently book Guided Biofilm Therapy for thorough teeth cleaning with our hygienists, even if you already have a dentist elsewhere.


Dental health checks and assessments for all the family providing care plans for a future of great dental health.


Dental hygiene care and gum treatments to ensure optimal dental health and the foundation for great dentistry.


Using the very best of technology and techniques including dental fillings and dental crowns to repair your teeth to their natural form and beauty.


When teeth are missing we can provide dental implants, bridges and dentures to suit you based on the best evidence in dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry, from teeth whitening to veneers using the most up to date treatments to enhance your smile.


Spread the cost of your dental care with our Dental Care Plan which allows for monthly payments…


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