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Repairing Your Teeth in Hertfordshire

With access to all the latest dental materials and technology we are able to restore your teeth back to form and function with beautiful aesthetics.

Often there is more than one way to repair a tooth and our experienced dental team will discuss the various options with you including costings and time frames.


From white, tooth coloured, filling materials to the latest eMax Veneers we can provide a wide range of treatments to last and give you service for years.

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is sometimes necessary to treat a tooth that has suffered an abscess – sometimes this sadly happens when a tooth has had very deep fillings or even years later after a tooth has been crowned or filled.

Root canal treatment involves removing the central nerve and blood supply of a tooth where the infection has set in. Once removed the empty canal is disinfected and then sealed to prevent reinfection and then the tooth can be restored.


Although we can now replace teeth that need extracting with implants, in some cases, nothing is better than keeping hold of the natural tooth for as long as possible.


Modern root canal treatment is nothing like what you may have experienced in the past – modern techniques rely on excellent magnification (root canals are very small!) – we are lucky to work with a surgical microscope to visualise all the little nuances of the inner workings of the tooth.


We are also lucky to have the use of a CT scanner which can visualise the tooth in 3D.


The success rate of root canal treatments today is very high, particularly if performed by our resident endodontist (Dr Chris Burn limits his practice to this specialty only and teaches at a London University on the subject on a regular basis).


Gone are the days where this was a painful drawn-out procedure as Chris normally performs the whole root canal treatment in one visit! This is great news for us and our patients as it means we can save more teeth than ever and avoid a dental extraction.


Although your own dentist has been trained to perform root canal treatment to a very high standard, sometimes we look to Chris to take on more difficult cases (when the root anatomy is complicated or when we are re-treating a tooth)


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When teeth are missing we can provide dental implants, bridges and dentures to suit you based on the best evidence in dentistry


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