A new way to fight dental caries?

A potential alternative to antibiotics in the treatment of dental caries

The most common way of treating dental infections is with the use of antibiotics. However, some bacteria are developing a resistance to antibiotics and researchers are looking at developing alternatives. Writing in the Journal of Applied Materials and Interfaces scientists are identifying the use of other materials.

Dental diseases are caused by certain bacteria in the mouth, and antibiotics work to reduce infections and gum disease. Previous studies have shown that bacteria can overcome antibiotics so the continuing research into the use of Graphene Oxide could be very welcome. These extremely thin nano sheet of carbon are ‘studded’ with oxygen groups, and demonstrate a reduction in bacterial growth with little harm to conventional oral cells.

If you are interested in the science bit, the full article is here

Graphene Oxide to reduce bacterial infections

Any way in which tooth decay and gum disease can be reduced is welcome. Do remember that most dental infections can be prevented with a good oral hygiene programme. Come in and talk to us, we really can help.

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