Introducing the World’s first self cleaning teeth!


3D Printed teeth that can kill bacteria

Dental implant treatments have become a relatively common treatment option for our patients. Over the last few years many patients have come to me and been successfully treated for lost teeth or loose dentures.

3d printing is helping to take dental care to the next level. Researchers at The University of Groningen in the Netherlands have developed a 3d technology that claims to produce crowns that can be fitted onto specially prepared teeth or implants. So far not too revolutionary.

The big story here is the materials used in making the crown, it has been designed to actually kill bacteria in the mouth. The very bacteria that are linked with tooth decay and gum disease.

The full article is here;

3d printed self cleaning teeth

Whilst further investigation is required, it will not eliminate the need for a full dental health programme. The dental hygiene team at Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin, Hertfordshire  can help you keep your teeth and gums in the best of health for life, or at least until we all have bacteria killing ones !

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