It’s still time for action against mouth cancer

Mouth Cancer, continuing awareness.

When there are specific national campaigns to raise awareness about health risks it’s important that we don’t forget the message as soon as the campaign is over. The Dental Health Foundations, Mouth Cancer Action 2014 campaign bought to the publics attention the importance of early detection and living a healthy lifestyle. Mouth cancer cases have trebled in the last decade with one person diagnosed every 77 minutes in the UK.

The signs and symptoms of Mouth Cancer via lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking are common ones, but even if you do not smoke or drink you need to remain aware. Whether its ulcers that do not heal within 3 weeks or unusual lumps in your cheeks or gums, the sooner you take action the better, with early detection the survival rate for mouth cancer is 90%.

Surprisingly, Mouth cancer claims more lives per year than Cervical and Testicular cancer combined. Being aware of your own body, and looking for any small changes from the norm enables you to be aware of potential problems, to seek advice and if necessary treatment that might save your life or that of someone you love.

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Mouth Cancer Action


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