Looking through history to rediscover the Roman healthy teeth diet.


What the Romans could tell us about looking after our teeth.

At Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, we keep up to date with the very latest in technology and good practice in Dentistry. Sometimes though, it can take a trip to the past to rediscover that our ancestors could do a pretty good job at dental health before hygienists and dental hygiene treatments were available.

Whilst dental care was not surprisingly, basic at best in Pompeii, it appears that the general level of dental health for ancient Romans was actually better than in many people alive today.

When Mount Etna erupted and covered the town in volcanic ash, it engulfed and preserved the bodies of those that could not escape. This has meant that researchers,  using CAT scans, have been able to get an insight into what life was like from the preserved remains. What surprised them most,was the good condition of their teeth.

For your average ancient Roman, sugar was a luxury that most could not afford. Add to this,the Mediterranean diet, being one of the most healthy in the world, it is no surprise that the low sugar, fresh fish and vegetable diet meant that they suffered from less dental decay than is common now.

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Romans and their healthy teeth

If you are in any doubts about how your diet impacts upon your dental health, come in and meet Juliette our nutritionist and hygienist.

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