National Smile Month May 2015 at Bancroft Dentistry

Smile like you mean it.

I like awareness campaigns. They represent being involved in something bigger than just me, and National Smile Month 2015 represents something bigger than my dental practice. Its the longest running oral health campaign in the UK and I am delighted to be talking about it.

They have three simple messages ;

1) Brush your teeth at night and on one other occasion a day using a Fluoride toothpaste.

2) Reduce your intake of sugary foods and drinks.

3) Visit your Dentist as often as they recommend.

I think point 3 is largely down to how well you follow points 1 and 2.

National Smile Month is raising the awareness of oral health to millions of people in the UK and it encourages more than Dental practices to get involved. Pharmacies, community groups, colleges and businesses are all taking part. In fact, this applies to everyone. Oral health impacts on all of us and educating and motivating more people to take care of their mouths is a worthwhile cause indeed.

Their website can be found by clicking on the link below


Best wishes

Dr Frank Goulbourn
Bancroft Dentistry

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