Second hand smoke and its impact on your children’s gum health


Tooth decay from passive smoking

We are well aware of the dangers of smoking and the impact of second-hand smoke on the health of those around us, but maybe not to this level.

Researchers in Japan have published their studies in The BMJ stating that a child who is exposed to second-hand smoke at 4 months of age has an increased risk of tooth decay at 3 years old.

Tobacco smoke can directly irritate a child’s gums leading to inflammation or reduced saliva flow, thus reducing the effectiveness of a crucial part of our natural oral health and digestion.

Whilst there is no proof that reducing passive smoking reduces the risk to a child’s gum health it does highlight the damage second-hand smoke can do. We must also realise that this means there are far more than dietary and oral hygiene education factors to  consider….

The full article can be found here

Second hand smoke risks to children

At Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin, Hertfordshire we encourage all our patients young and old to quit smoking as the long term implications on our health are clear.

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