Should you treat yourself this Easter?

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Should you treat yourself this Easter?

There are a few times of year that have become very heavy on promoting a high sugar intake – Easter is definitely one of them! But should worrying about the possible long term effects take away from the enjoyment of these days?

Maybe we are going against the grain here, but hopefully the answer is no! Assuming you are eating fairly healthily the rest of the year, and you generally have a good oral health routine, a few days here and there of splurging on sweet treats shouldn’t cause you too much of a problem.


Shh, don’t tell anyone: Dentists like chocolate too!!

Yes, it’s true… and so do hygienists! In fact, apart from a strange select few, pretty much all dental professionals like chocolate. People often think about us in the same way that they think about teachers – only existing in the natural habitat of their working environment. In reality, we have the same bad habits as everyone else. Though obviously, we try our best to ‘practise what we preach’ and really, we have no excuses not to! However, we definitely all know what it is like to go shopping when hungry, then finding a few rather unhealthy snacks in our baskets by the time we are at the checkout! This is especially true around Easter-time.

Easter eggs

Everything in moderation?

Apparently, the only thing we shouldn’t have in moderation is moderation!!

We hear so much about recommended daily or weekly limits, it really does seem to be for everything nowadays! But when the devil of temptation on your shoulder is joined by a cute fluffy Easter Bunny, who could possibly resist?! With supermarket aisles packed full of Cadbury’s creme eggs, (and whichever are the latest chocolate bars also to be re-imagined in egg form!) who should we listen to…?
What are the guidelines for the maximum amount of chocolate one person should consume in a day? How about in an hour? Does it differ for men, women, and children?! Is it OK because it is a long weekend and the whole nation is also having a ‘cheat day’ or four? Or maybe because it is traditionally a religious festival the sugar and calories should be considered guilt free? Can anyone answer these questions for us?!?

Easter bunny and eggs

Treat yo’self!

It’s Easter! Treat yo’self!!

We suspect no one is going to have any helpful responses – or at least none that we want to hear while opening another pack of mini eggs! So, here is our suggestion…

Just enjoy yourself! Spend time with your family and friends! Have some chocolates! Have some hot cross buns and cakes too!
Just don’t forget to keep up with your regular oral hygiene habits at the same time.
And if you do get any problems, the staff at Bancroft Dentistry are here to help – judgement free!

If you would like to keep your Easter celebrations a bit more ‘tooth friendly’ you can check out our poster below:

Easter tips

5 tips for a ‘tooth happy’ Easter

Best wishes for a fabulous Easter time,


Bancroft Dentistry

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