Sugar and its impact on dental health


Reducing sugar consumption

I think by now we all understand that our bodies rely on the sugars in our diet to provide the energy we need to function. However, excessively high amounts of sugar are becoming standard in our food and drinks, so much so, that it can damage our health. The British Dental Health Foundation is supporting TV Chef Jamie Oliver in his campaign to eliminate excess sugar from our diets.

This was reflected in Oliver’s documentary ‘Jamie’s Sugar Rush’, which looked into the impact of sugar on our health, including dental health. What is becoming evident, is that the high consumption of sugar is leading to the number one reason for children being in hospital- tooth decay. This in itself is a worrying statistic, but add in the number of young people suffering from diet induced, type 2 diabetes, and we really should begin to appreciate the severe problems that we are storing up for our children.

The full article is here;

Sugar consumption and dental health

If you and your family are in any doubt about how to best look after your diet, teeth and gums, then call us, at Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. We will happily talk you through how you can best look after your family’s teeth at home, and we will then support you in this, with regular dental hygiene treatment and nutrition advice.

A few small changes to our diet can have huge benefits for our long term health … so what’s stopping us ?

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