If you want to play Rugby, wear a sports guard.

Good luck to all teams at Rugby World Cup 2015 from Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

We are sure that all the players will be wearing custom made sports mouth guards.

With the Rugby World Cup just kicking off , many existing and new rugby fans are going to be enjoying the ups and downs over the next six weeks. As an ex player I am well aware of the risks of injury a contact sport runs. However, if you want to look after your teeth and jaw bones, wear a sports guard and make sure it is custom made.

A sports guard protects and supports your teeth and jaw bones. If you get an elbow or knee in the face, your teeth are cushioned from much of its force. A sports guard is unique to you, and is shaped around your teeth and gums to provide protection.

Usually made of a flexible plastic or rubber material they ensure that as much of the possible force behind a stray boot coming into contact with your mouth, is absorbed and in turn this cushions the blow to your teeth.

A word of warning, be careful when buying a sports guard. Off the shelf boil and bite guards are not as effective as a custom made one from your Dentist. They cost more, but they are better value in the long run as they fit closer and protect better. So you are more likely to keep your teeth healthy and unbroken.

Any parents who are considering introducing their children to Rugby should consider that their child’s mouth is changing rapidly as they are growing up. A new sports guard may be needed as often as every 6 months if your son or daughter is going through a growth spurt, but it should definitely be remade every year.

I think the easiest way to remember is, new season – new mouthguard!

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