Love your gums .. and keep your teeth for life


To most people, dentistry is about fixing teeth, and perhaps a scale and polish occasionally. However, we know that looking at the bigger picture is what’s really important, providing the best care for every aspect of your dental health.

Keeping the supporting structures of your teeth in good condition is just as important, if not more so, than keeping the teeth themselves healthy.

A beautiful house built on poor foundations will eventually fall down – and teeth are the same. You can repair them with the very best crowns or fillings but if, under the surface, the bone support is failing, then the tooth is likely to become increasingly loose, to the point it may need removing.

That may sound like scaremongering, but for some it might sadly become a reality. So, we are pleased to announce a new team member at Bancroft Dentistry – Dr Fahd Saleh, a Periodontist, whose specialty is gums.

Fahd will be with us every other Friday, seeing patients who need that extra bit of help and support to get their gums healthy, and ultimately keep their teeth. Working closely with our hygienists he will provide a specialist opinion and treatment when necessary, all within our practice, with staff that you know and can relax with.

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Dr Frank Goulbourn

Bancroft Dentistry




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