Manual versus Electric Toothbrushes

Do you choose an manual or electric toothbrush?

It’s a common question – which is more effective at cleaning your teeth, a manual brush or one of the many electric brushes on the market ?

Although all the current papers will tell you that electric brushes are more efficient, what’s more important than the choice of a particular toothbrush, is how good is your dexterity, how many times you brush and for how long. So whatever type of brush you choose, it’s the quality of the actual brushing that counts.

Deciding which brush to choose may not be as simple as you think. Everyone is different, with different sized mouths and different challenges in keeping their teeth clean – manual brushes aren’t one size fits all, but the general message is that smaller headed brushes are more efficient.

Manual brushes are very low maintenaince, easy and light to carry when travelling and don’t need to be recharged, who really wants yet another charger to pack when going on holiday! Whereas, Electric brushes come in all shapes and sizes, with different attachments, a selection of speeds and often a timer facility which allows you to check that you actually are taking the recommended 3 minutes to brush … rather than a quick sweep round with your manual brush, that just felt like 3 minutes.

No one is left out – children and teenagers are also catered for, with electric and manual brushes coming in a variety of latest cartoon characters or even,the ‘One Direction’ version , to help make brushing more fun … and starting a good toothbrushing habit early is the key.

Just ask you dentist or even better your hygienist, which is best for you !!


Best wishes

Dr Frank Goulbourn
Bancroft Dentistry

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