Microscopes providing better care at Bancroft Dentistry.

A Dental Microscope for Dental Treatments at Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin.

Having decided that the next investment at Bancroft Dentistry should be a dental microscope, our Zeiss equipment was fitted in late December. We have been working under magnification with loupes for many years, which is the industry standard for the majority of our work, however a microscope takes us to a completely different level, enabling us to provide the very best for our patients . By making even the simplest task more visible, we increase our ability to detect the smallest problem, whether that be a hairline crack in a tooth, the perfect fit for your crowns and implants or finding the smallest amount of decay which is invisible to the the naked eye.

We bought a microscope because, we can only treat what we can see see.


It may look like something out of the Terminator films but our dental microscope is fairly unobtrusive and also allows patients, if they are interested, the ability to see on a screen what the dentist can see,it might not be the next blockbuster or win an Oscar but it has a great cast and crew !

Greater magnification and the technology that supports it provides greater clinical accuracy in those really difficult to spot and work in spaces. Some dentists who use microscopes don’t say its better Dentistry, its different Dentistry. It provides new possibilities for micro Dentistry, the ability to perform tiny restorations, improvement to smiles, and the precise removal of decay that we may have found difficult without a microscope. A full article is available here.

Micro Dentistry using microscopes

Continuing Improvement at Bancroft Dentistry

Our philosophy at Bancroft Dentistry it to be continually improving and that does not only apply to the dental treatments we provide, but patient safety too. We recently undertook our annual CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) training at the practice, just so you can see us in action, here is the photographic evidence!



Best wishes

Dr Frank Goulbourn
Bancroft Dentistry

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