Making sugary drinks less appealing

Sugar is not so sweet for your teeth.

Is it fair to compare tobacco with sugar? The impact on smoking on the nations health is well documented,and today it is difficult to not see the damage smoking does on every packet and outlet. Sugar does have benefits,of course,in fruit and vegetables it provides necessary energy. However, in processed food and drinks the levels being ingested can be far too high to be good for our health.

There is a suggestion from The British Dental Health Foundation that sugary drink advertising should be banned from sporting events and that sport stars should not advertising something that can be damaging to your teeth and Pancreas. The BDHF spokesman, Prof Nairn Wilson, wants the government to step in and and treat sugary drink advertising as the same as tobacco.

I think we should be free to choose what we do with own bodies, however, the link between sporting success and sugary drinks may be a misleading one to many people. Buying a drink because a tennis player is seen swigging from a bottle of ‘ Sugary Blast Star’  may not the best choice you could make.

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