Taking action on Mouth Cancer in November 2015


Becoming more aware of the risk of Mouth Cancer with Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

The British Dental Health Foundation is committed to raising awareness of Cancer and reducing the number of lives lost every year. As a health conscious Dental practice, we at Bancroft Dentistry share that commitment.

Mouth cancer can affect anyone – and nearly 7000 people were diagnosed with Oral Cancer last year and the numbers are increasing. Sadly this goes against the prevention trends for other forms of Cancer. Hence the importance of  raising awareness in Mouth Cancer Action month.

If you are in any doubt about a lump, an ulcer that doesn’t seem to be healing or have just noticed a change inside your mouth, make an appointment to come in and see us. It’s also important to remember that that mouth cancer can also affect your lips, tongue and throat.

But if spotted early, the chances of a cure are good, so please, don’t hesitate.

To find out more go to the Mouth Cancer Action month website www.mouthcancer.org

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Dr Frank Goulbourn

Bancroft Dentistry




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