Your teeth are at risk from sugar free drinks


Acid in sugar free drinks risks tooth decay.

Many of us think that drinking something that is sugar free is somehow better for our wellbeing and the health of our teeth. However, there is a very real risk that sugar free drinks can damage your teeth just like their sugar filled alternatives.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne have found that the acidic elements of sugar free drinks can lead to damage of tooth enamel. Sugars are linked with tooth decay, by it’s ability to form into plaque, that then sticks to the surface of your teeth.

The bacteria present in your mouth digest this plaque and turn it into acid, lowering the PH of your mouth and thus damaging the sensitive enamel of your teeth. The link between sugar , sugar free and tooth decay is acid, and it occurs in both types of drinks.

A link to the full article can be found here;

Sugar free drinks may damage your teeth

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